Out-of-Print Books by Stephen Goldin

The following books are out of print, and there are no current plans to put them back into print. You’ll have to check with used book sellers to locate copies of them.

We fully believe in supporting local booksellers. You should always check out your neighborhood establishments first for book purchases.

We’re also aware, though, that the books listed below are unfortunately difficult to find locally. If your neighborhood stores can’t provide you with any of these titles, check with the suggested online consortiums of used book dealers. And thank you for your interest.

THE ALIEN CONDITION (anthology edited by Stephen Goldin)

(An original classic Star Trek novel.)

THE FAMILY D’ALEMBERT SERIES (based on the novelette “Imperial Stars” by E.E. “Doc” Smith).
(Although this outdated series has recently been reissued in ebook format, it’s based on outmoded technology that seems very quaint by modern standards. It’s been supplanted and updated by the Agents of ISIS series, which we think is better and more up-to-date. The listing below is mainly for historical reference.)

  1. Imperial Stars
  2. Stranglers’ Moon
  3. The Clockwork Traitor
  4. Getaway World
  5. Appointment at Bloodstar (aka The Bloodstar Conspiracy)
  6. The Purity Plot
  7. Planet of Treachery
  8. Eclipsing Binaries
  9. The Omicron Invasion
  10. Revolt of the Galaxy


Good luck with your search!


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