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Alien MurdersAlien Murders

“I rate this book a 4/5 and definitely recommend it.”–FicBot Complete review


And Not Make Dreams Your MasterAnd Not Make Dreams Your Master

“It is an exciting, well-written story, that has made me question many of my own values and beliefs many times, since this book questions the inflexibilty of fanatacism. “–“sdube001” Complete review

“I really enjoyed this one. Everyone, if you enjoy reading about real nightmare scenarios involving real nightmares dreamed up by a madman, check this one out.”–WT Sharpe on

Assault on the GodsAssault on the Gods

“I ran across this book when I was ten or so…I reread this book when I was 30, and was happy to discover that I liked it even more. It’s unfortunate that it isn’t better known.”–John Complete review

“A very entertaining and thought-provoking book with a definite feminist slant.”–John Complete review

“Thoughtful science fiction with an intelligent and interesting female lead character.”–Mike Vasich Complete review


“This was one of the books that shaped my worldview as a teenager, and I was delighted to discover it still reads well… The story is disturbingly plausible and the characters just as diverse and real as I remember them.”–Erica L. Frank Complete review

The Eternity BrigadeThe Eternity Brigade

“The Eternity Brigade is a thrilling read with a great central concept… a provocative page-turner that’s easily devoured in one sitting.”–Adarna SF. Complete review

“Along with Joe Haldeman’s THE FOREVER WAR, this is the best depiction of disenfranchised victims of the corporate-imperial combine ever depicted in the science fiction genre.”–Raegan Butcher. Complete review

“Stephen Goldin’s scifi novel The Eternity Brigade is much, much more than a retread of a Ringo or Weber “combat action-adventure in the stars” tale… A must read.”–T. Jackson King Complete review

“The first book I ever read, that I went cover to cover without putting down.”–jerome liggett

“Buy this book and keep it. You’ll be reading it again in a year or two. I guarantee it.”–J. Stover

“I read this book when I was very young, and checked it out of the library every year after that.”–Troy A. Rutter

“You will not be disappointed.”–Alice

Complete reviews

The Eternity Brigade‘s anti-hero, Hawker, is one of the most interesting characters I’ve come across in a long time.”–Kathryn Hogan. Complete review

“Incredible, deep characters that make you feel like you care about them. A story of the horror of technology and the personal struggle three men face. Unique and thought provoking, this is the best book I’ve ever read.”–AquaticMage

“This book is a great read.”–Benhjamin A. Isbell Complete review

“Highly recommended if you like SF and especially Mil SF.”–Durrant Publishing Complete review

“It is to Science Fiction, more particularly to Military Science Fiction, what Catch 22 is to WWll fiction.”–cogitno Complete review

“This updated version could have been written yesterday.”–David Reese Complete revuiew

“It remains one of my favorite books of all time.”–Lee Jackson Complete review

“I am absolutely blown away with this book.”–Cashmere Complete review

Into the Out

“This book was actually great. Classic science fiction adventure for older young adults.”–Winged Wolf Complete review

“I’ve read SF since a young age and this is the kind of novel that drew me into the genre and keeps me coming back for more! Highly recommended!”–T. Jackson King Complete review

“As usual, Goldin delivers in this excellent space adventure.”–Linell Jeppsen Complete review

“I really liked this book. It was fun; it reminded me of stories i read in my early teens when I discovered science fiction – Heinlein, Norton – combined with The Goonies.”–Lizzie Complete review


All hands on Decalogue! A protagonist readers will find it easy to identify and empathize with, a classic journey story told with wit, wisdom and deceptive ease, and the most interesting guest star ever–what’s not to like, here? Perhaps writers who attempt a book like Polly! wanna crack or two across the face for their audacity (to parrot conventional wisdom)–but not if they can manage to pull it off this entertainingly.”–Spider Robinson, co-author of Variable Star by Robert A. Heinlein and Spider Robinson

Polly is a book aspiring writers should read just to study the craft. Goldin calls on everything he knows from the silly to the profound to create a story that starts out entertaining and winds up being thought-provoking.”–Bill Furlow, Great Books Under $5. Complete review

“Fast moving, well-written, tongue-in-cheek dramatic comedy which was so representative of real-life in some aspects, it felt like coming home. I thoroughly enjoyed Polly!“–Red Haircrow, Flying With Red Haircrow. Complete review

Polly! is a quirky contemporary fantasy with a hopeful message… The pacing is smooth, there’s never a dull moment, and it’s always engaging and unpredictable.”–Adarna SF Complete review

“The various twists and turns throughout are captivating and the overall effect is well executed. “–Kirsty Hewitt Complete review

“Definitely fun. Definitely thought-provoking.”–Mary Wood Complete Review

“Stephen Goldin’s POLLY takes on the subject addressed by some of humanity’s most sacred tomes, and blows conventional wisdom to smithereens.”–T. Jackson King Complete review

“I didn’t want this book to end. I felt that when I put this down, I lost a friend in Polly. I enjoyed my time with her so much, I stopped reading it, just so I had another day with her. So it seems that Polly not only touches the people written between the cover of the book, but also the people on the outside looking in. This book reaches the top twenty list for me, and comes highly, highly, HIGHLY, recommended by me.”–Joe Hempel Complete review

“The book is well-written and I did enjoy it… you may very well find you would have liked to spend more time with Polly when it’s all over.”–David Stockton, Rocky Mountain Reviews Complete review

“If I could rate it 6 stars I would!”–Andrew Carlson Complete review

“The tale’s riveting…and so well worthy of recommendation.”–Clive Johnson Complete review

“Polly is interesting, insightful, irreverent and thought provoking.”–Tracy Riva Complete review

“I can’t tell you how many times I giggled as the protagonist… navigates his way out of personal tragedy into a Kafhaesque situation…”–Anna Erishkigal Complete review


“I enjoyed this novel since it is a wellcrafted action adventure where psychic powers add an extra dimension to the chase.”–T. Kowal

“Overall, an excellent tale that has convinced me to check out the sequels in the series.”–Steven L. Jordan Complete reviews


“I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes sci fi.”–Ducky Complete review

“Very decently put together novel.”–Kenneth G. Anctil Complete review

Scavenger HuntScavenger Hunt

“Honestly, I could use every exclamatory word in the dictionary, and it wouldn’t be a good enough word to describe how excellent this novel is… This is one of the best science fiction novels I have ever read.”–Linell Jeppsen Complete review

“Stephen Goldin’s scifi adventure novel Scavenger Hunt is one hell of a ride in adventure land!”–T. Jackson King Complete review

“Highly recommended. ” (Review of Finish Line)–Clerk02 Complete review

” Good read for a rainy day”–Gregg Complete review

Trek to MadworldTrek to Madworld

“This is a new adventure molded in the shape of the TOS series.”–Norman Hawley

“It was very entertaining. I really enjoyed it!”–A Customer

Complete reviews

“Trek to Madworld is well written and has a very episodic feel to it (a good thing).”–Steve King Complete review

Tsar Wars

Tsar Wars

“A story that is both new and familiar at the same time it kept me spellbound until the end. “–Eric Hood

“Very lighthearted and fun, considering the proportion of the time that the characters are in fear for their lives.”–Rachel Cotterill

Complete reviews

“In all ways I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to to reading the next one. “–Mark Complete review

“Overall, the book is a great read and any fan of the genre should check it out.”–Ryan Hopkins Complete reviews

“The storyline was reminiscent of the original but updated and more developed…I look forward to reading the rest of the works in this series and others by the same author.”–Martin Webster Complete review

“I look forward to reading the rest of the works in this series and others by the same author.”–Amazon customer Complete review

A World Called SolitudeA World Called Solitude

“The story gains an emotionality that justifies calling Goldin an artist, not merely a writer.”–Tom Easton, Analog Magazine

“incredible. could not put down. “–Toni Complete review

“Its a great read, I highly recommend it.”–A Customer Complete review

“One of the cornerstones of my book-collection. “–A Cistomer Complete review

A World Called Solitude is a worthwhile read.”–Mitchell Glodek Complete review

Quiet PostQuiet Post

“The characters are (mostly) likeable and the adventures are fun.”–Kevin A. Lyons Complete review


Jade Darcy and the Affair of HonorJade Darcy and the Affair of Honor

“If you are a fan of science fiction… then you should read Jade Darcy and the Affair of Honor. I think you will find it believable on all the levels that count and thoroughly enjoyable. I know I did.”–Tracy Riva Complete review

“I believe the two books in this series to be the best I’ve ever read.”–Jim Phillips Complete review

“This was a GREAT book.”–A Customer Complete review

“This was a simply wonderful book that I enjoyed immensely.”–Silmarwen Complete review

“I have both this book and the second Jade Darcy book. Bought them both several years ago and loved them. Periodically I pull them out and read them again.”–Mary Veelle Complete review

“If I had to pick only ten books to have on the bookshelf for the rest of my life, I would select the two Jade Darcy books as part of the ten.”–DF “avid reader D” Complete review

“This is a non-stop, heart-pounding, super enjoyable story that will take the reader on a trip to a reality far different from routine Earth spy battles. Highly recommended.”–T. Jackson King Complete review

“This is one of those science fiction classics, published back in the days when science fiction wasn’t popular and their authors really had to work at being GOOD… I am really excited to see it in Kindle edition.”–G. Lockhart Complete review

“It has an almost mystic feel about parts of it.”–hsbrezne Complete review

“This book is real science-fiction… a complex tale set in a complex universe, of real human (or alien) emotion.”– Top of the Heap Book Reviews Complete review

“I really felt for the character, and it affected me deeply to read about her.”–Amazon Customer Complete review

“This is a fine sfi book with a future full of interesting worlds.”–E. P. McLean Complete review

“In the end, it’s the character of Jade that kept me hooked.”–Empress Books Complete review

“Kept my attention by interspersing action, political intrigue, culture and biology of alien races, martial arts, as well as the personal interactions that reveal Jade’s past.”–Trelligan  Complete review

Jade Darcy and the Zen Pirates

Jade Darcy and the Zen Pirates

“I have read this book at least five times and always reach the end of it with joy and regret.”–A Customer Complete review

“I’ve read and re-read both this and its prequel “Jade Darcy & The Affair of Honor” more times than I can count… A *definite read for the SF adventure buff in search of something a little different. =)”–A Customer Complete review

“Jade Darcy is one of the most memorable characters in SciFi.”–A Customer Complete review

“I have re-read this book a dozen times.”–A Customer Complete review

“This is a complex story with interesting backstories and a fascinating world and alien culture, presented with an action-packed, kung fu-movie-meets-science-fiction flair.”–CeciM Complete review

“I bought this novel on a whim 25 years ago… Still one of my favorite action/adventure/sci-fi novels after all these years.”–Thomas Ayles Complete Review

“The world building is wonderful. The alien species and their culture is outstanding. The storyline is complex. And the action is non-stop… This is science fiction storytelling at its timeless best.”–T. Jackson King Complete review

“The plot, the story and the characters are well handled and well executed.”–S. Marsh Complete review

“Good action, humor, and great alien culture.”-E. P. McLean Complete review

“Political intrigue is raised to new levels, dominating some subplots.”–Trelligan Complete review

The Complete Parsina SagaThe Parsina Saga

“As a child, I loved the Tales of the Arabian Nights, of djinns and wizards, clever thieves and maidens-in-peril. The Parsina Saga has that same feel of exotic landscapes and ordinary people caught up in the clash between ancient good vs. evil.”–Anna Erishkigal Complete review

“I would certainly recommend the Shrine of the Desert Mage by Stephen Goldin as an enjoyable and rewarding read; for its rich prose, clever and well-crafted story and its interesting and engaging re-telling of the age-old tale of good versus evil.”–Awesome Indies Complete review

“If you are looking for a fantasy that is not a clone of furry-footed folk in a quasi-England or another gloomy barbarian stomping through civilization, The Shrine of the Desert Mage might be it. “–Milo Molesworth Complete review

“The characters are what make this series a must-read.”–Ray Complete review

“I love love love this story!… I think the writing is brilliant! The story is unique (at least for me) and very interesting.”–Jodie Nielsen Complete review

“This book is no less than brilliant!” — Sannie Hald Complete review

“Very captivating story…I loved the entire storyline.” — Shannon Gunnell Complete review

“If you love a fantasy novel that is more fairy tale than anything else, this book is for you. “–Delilah Draken Complete review

“I think this is a great story, beautiful writing style, in-depth analysis and presentation of a totally different culture, and spell-binding story.”–C.S. Lune Complete review

“If you like well-written fantasy, you’ll love these books.”–Mrs. William Meyers Complete review


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